FireFly MC Wiki

  • How to join server?
    Enter the IP and Port at your Minecraft application Add Server Menu.
    IP :
    Bedrock/PE Port : 19132
    Java Edition Port : 25565
    All Minecraft Default Port
  • How to join Gamemodes?
    Walk down the Main Hub and you'll see Portals to the corresponding Gamemodes. Walk through the waterfall portal to transfer. If it doesn't work simply Relog.
  • How to vote?
    do /vote and it'll show you the instructions and the link! Votes will reset every 12pm!
  • Why do I need to vote?
    Since we are offering a Free-to-play server experience, your vote will help us greatly at improving our Server!
  • How to Report?
    In game, you can do /report or you can #🎟create-ticket and get in touch with the @Staff Team Directly at Discord.
  • How to get Assisted with a Support?
    Never Ping or DM them, If you need help chat at #🔰public-support at Discord.
  • How to call a Staff/Admin in game
    Simply do /report and indicate a valid reason to get noticed immediately!
  • How long does a Season last?
    As long as the Server World and Gameplay is running smoothly we wouldn't really end it. Emergency Season End only happen if the Gamemode was corrupted with a major bug when minecraft updates.
  • Why does the server Restart?
    Usually we restart the server if we update something or if a bug was found by a player. SMP however needs to restart every 2 hours to refresh its tps for a smoother gameplay.
  • How to Appeal for Server Ban?
    Step 1. Go to Ban Appeal
    Step 2. Answer Ban Appeal Form
    Step 3. #🎟create-ticket on Discord
    Step 4. Ban Appeal Data will be reviewed!
    Step 5. Wait for the Final Decision
    Make sure to answer the form like you would make an essay. Once you are interviewed by an Admin make sure to only tell the TRUTH.
    Our Admins are already experienced and can tell if you are lying or not.
  • I only see Steve Skins...
    While on your Main Menu go to Settings and then go to Profile. Turn off the Only Allow Trusted Skins.
  • Why does NPC say that Gamemode is offline?
    Try going in, If you can't connect its probably Under Maintenance But if you connect successfully, the NPC is only Bugged
  • "Server Whitelisted"
    The gamemode is undergoing Updates that require only Staff and Builders are only allowed.
  • "Login timeout"
    Clear Minecraft Cache and/or Data Check Internet Speed Don't use Minecraft Skins
  • "Server Outdated"
    The server version has not been updated.
  • "Client Outdated"
    Your Minecraft version needs to be updated to the latest official version according to the Play Store.
  • "Unable to Connect"
    Check your internet speed You need 5mbps and more for a smooth gameplay.
  • "Invalid IP Address"
    Check your IP it should be Check your Internet Connection and Speed.
  • "You do not have Permission"
    Quit the Server and Relogin.