FireFly MC SkyBlock

FireFly SkyBlock Summer Edition

Create your very own floating island and expand it to your design. Gather resources and materials by earning money though mining, farming or selling different items at the shop.

A PVP Mine was added to this gamemode where players can mine ores and blocks. However, this is a PVP area so players can either kill or be killed.

How to Play?

  • Simply do /is in chat and a Simplified ui should pop up on your screen for easy access Island Management!
  • You can Earn money buy selling goods at /shop and be able to /evolve to get Special Kits!
  • You can also Enchant your own gear by crafting an Enchanting Table or Purchasing Custom Enchantments at /ceshop!
  • Bored? Mine at PVP Mines! Where Valuable Ores can be gathered! But remember to watch your back since PVP is on!


  • PVP Arena
  • PVP Mines
  • Custom Starter Island
  • Ore Generator
  • Custom Enchants
  • Evolution Ranks
  • Redstone
  • Crates

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the Server Normally Restart?
    Normally the server will only restart for an Update.
    Emergency Restarts only happen if a Server Bug has been triggered by a Player.
  • Why does the Server Keeps Restarting?
    A Server bug has been triggered by a Player!
  • Why were the Minions Removed?
    Mojang Updated the version and the Minion Plugin sadly got corrupted with a Bug causing the server to restart everytime a Minion renders in a Players Chunk Area.