FireFly MC Prison

FireFly Prison Summer Edition

This gamemode is for those who are keen to mining, and selling to raise their rank up and as you raise your rank you'll get better blocks and better gear

How to Play?

  • Mine and grind your way up to the Highest Rank
  • You can Earn Money by Selling Ores at /shop and /rankup to access more mines with better ores
  • Customize your Cell however you want by making use of /shop blocks and decorations


  • Private Smelting Area
  • PvP Mines
  • Custom Enchants
  • Prison Gangs
  • Cells
  • Rank ups
  • Crates
  • and more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the Server Normally Restart?
    Normally the server will only restart for an Update.
    Emergency Restarts only happen if a Server Bug has been triggered by a Player.
  • Why does the Server Keeps Restarting?
    A Server bug has been triggered by a Player!