FireFly MC Mini-Games

FireFly Mini Games

Our mini game collection can be found at the main lobby, it is at the left side of the grand fountain.

FireFly Paply Bow Mini Games
Paply Bow
An Archer-type minigame where you kill all you want and respawn unlimitedly. Most kills win the game. This Unique MiniGame was developed by CODEEEH specifically for FireFlyPE and Pocketpinas!
FireFly KitPVP Mini Games
KitPVP is a minigame which focuses mainly on pvp where players get to choose their own category of kits. Take down opponents with your unique set of items and earn points to dominate the match.
FireFly SkyWarsMini Games
This Classic minigame has been a staple for servers where you gather loot spread around the islands and bridge along the cliffs while fighting off everyone. Last man standing wins.
FireFly Among Us Mini Games
Among Us
Aka Murder mystery where all of your skins and Ign are scrambled up to confuse everyone. The Crewmates will get a gun while the Impostor will get a knife once they have collected enough paply coins that are spawning by the task areas.
FireFly Spleef Mini Games
Another Classic minigame that is featured in most servers. This is where you battle out with everyone by digging the snow beneath them until all of them has fallen to their deaths. Last man standing wins.
FireFly Sumo Mini Games
Yet another classic minigame where you punch your opponent out of the ring!